• Drew Reese

Episode 2: Conscious Sovereignty, Multiple Intelligence Theory and Escaping Warren Jeffs

What is Conscious Sovereignty, and how do we reclaim our own power, especially when coming from a place where we’ve been disempowered? Rachelle Elizabeth Call will be joining me for some “Church” and we’re gonna be talking about the spiritual and consciousness impacts of domestic violence, and ways that people find healing. We’re also gonna get into some fascinating new advances in the field of Multiple Intelligences (MI) Theory - a concept that explores the idea that human beings have a number of relatively discrete intellectual capacities, and how the old ways of just measuring ones IQ is inadequate.

We're also going to have Brielle Decker, who was one of Warren Jeffs’ wives, and she will be discussing her experience leaving a polygamous cult and how she is determined to help other ex-FLDS members embrace freedom… And by the way, she’s doing this from one of Warren Jeffs' own houses.

This is sure to be a fascinating conversation you won’t want to miss!

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