• Drew Reese

Episode One: Awakening

This week on Church, we’re going to be talking about Awakening, and for many people when they “Wake Up”… how the usually experience a moment of clarity right before a spectacular crash burn landing in their new found reality. 

My guest will be Jennifer Marco, and together we’re going to talking about the milestones of waking up, and what they actually feel like? We’re also going to be talking about the mythology of Hope, and how important the role Hope actually plays in claiming your power. 

We’re also going to have Jesse Stay, the Social Geek, he’s an author, and expert on social media marketing… and we’re going to be talking about how each of us can use our social media influence for good, and how our influence can ripple out from our small pond and effect real change in the world we live.

All this and much more, on our brand new show, “Church” - This Sunday morning at 11 on KTALK Radio, Real Two-way talk!